Shana & Nicholas

Boba, Culture, Community! Bringing everyone together.

Shana Ricca-Hmel, Founder and Owner 

Shana is the owner of Boba Thai Café.  Shana directly brings over 20 years of experience in the executive financial field combined with years of direct educational and culinary-restaurant experience, which is where her passion resides. 

Leveraging both experiences combined with her cultural heritage, “I saw a need in Lancaster City to offer something unique and fun to the community”.

Nicholas Hmel, Co-Owner

Nicholas supports Shana in managing Boba Thai Café.  Nicholas brings over 25 years of Retail Executive Loss Prevention Management experience for a retailer that does over $40 billion in sales.

Our Philosophy/Values:

To improve the happiness and comfort of our customers in an affordable way within a chic exquisite environment.

Our Values:

CARING – Everyone and every moment matters

TEAM – Together we can accomplish anything

SUCCESS – When our customers are happy we all win

Person pouring milk into plastic cup with bubble tea at grey table, closeup