Bubble Tea in a Thai-Inspired Café

Eat, Drink, and Experience All That’s Good in the Heart of Downtown Lancaster—at Boba Thai Café, the Home of Freshly Made Boba.

Closed – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
12:00pm-7:00pm – Wednesday, Thursday
12:00pm-8:00pm – Friday
11:00am-8:00pm – Saturday

(717) 517-7974

Bubble Tea: A Delectable Sensation

It’s sweet. It’s cold. It’s refreshing. And it’s chewy. That’s the one and only Boba, or Bubble Tea.

Developed in Taiwan in the 1980s and introduced to the United States in the 1990s, bubble tea comes in flavors like brown sugar, taro, chai, honeydew, matcha, mango, lychee, a variety of fruit flavors, and many more… with or without milk.

What really makes these teas special is the flavored tapioca pearls, or boba, that rest at the bottom of the cup, just waiting to create a delightful sensation in your mouth. Experience it for yourself at Boba Thai Café.

Choose from Several Seating Options at Boba Thai Café

Want to escape the weather? Step into our café, dine, and unwind in a cozy atmosphere that feels like home. Want to feel the breeze and sunshine? You are also welcome to experience the energy and beauty of downtown Lancaster from our pet-friendly outdoor space.

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